Forest Management Planning

Forest management provides long-term planning of your personal goals for your forest resource.  A forest management plan is tailored to your needs and typically includes forest inventory, estimated timber volumes and value, methods for forest improvement to improve tree species composition and value, and ways to improve quality wildlife habitat and recreation use.

Natural Area and Forested Property Mapping

Our personnel are highly skilled cartographers who prepare informative and appealing maps of your property using the latest GPS and GIS mapping software and technology. 

Timber Sale Marking and Appraisal

Trees selected for harvest are marked with durable tree and log marking paint on the trunk and tree base. Selection is based on maturity and stand improvement for increased growth, quality, and stand diversity. Volume and value will be calculated for individual trees, and totals per product type will be used to develop the timber sale invitation to bid.

Timber Sale Administration

We advertise to secure bids from logging companies and arrange for a competitive bid opening so you are able to select the best opportunity for profit and operation compatibility. Timber operation supervision is scheduled on a regular basis following the sale, depending upon individual property needs.

Wildlife habitat development

Wildlife habitat practices can be part of your planning process to improve hunting opportunities, increase the diversity of wildlife habitat in your area, and focus on improving areas for species of concern.

Baseline Surveys and Monitoring

Baseline surveys for conservation easements to identify and monitor vegetation, fauna, and areas of ecological integrity are provided by our team of biologists.  Mapping and monitoring of the easement property are also provided as a service for conservation easement organizations. 


Wetland plant surveys and wetland delineation services are offered by our Professional Wetland Scientist (Society of Wetland Scientists). Services include hydric soil identification, hydrophytic plant identification, wetland area mapping, and wetland function analysis.

Government Contracting

We provide wetland, forestry, GIS, research and education services within the following NAICS codes: 115310, 541330, 541360, 541370, 541620, 541715  DUNS#: 117005604 CAGE#:  89RQ0

P-cards and credit cards accepted.