Baseline surveys for conservation easements to identify and monitor vegetation, fauna, and areas of ecological integrity are provided by our team of biologists.  Mapping and monitoring of the easement property are also provided as a service for conservation easement organizations. 

Our biologists use Land Trust Alliance guidelines to prepare baseline surveys to assist in acquisition and monitoring of conservation easements.   

The following sections are included in our baseline report:   

  • Property description
  • Property access
  • Land Use
  • Buildings and improvements
  • Creeks, Ponds, Wetlands
  • Topography
  • Vegetation and Forest Resources
  • Scenic and Recreational Resources
  • Cultural Resources
  • Dumps/Pollution
  • Boundary Condition
  • Wildlife
  • Resilience to Impacts of Climate Change
  • Adjacent Conservation Lands
  • Threatened and Endangered Species
  • Agricultural Resources
  • Soils and Erosion

Maps Included: 

  • Location Map
  • Tax Assessor’s Map
  • Baseline Aerial Photography
  • Topography and Hydrology
  • Proximity of Conservation & Natural Areas
  • Soil Types
  • Landcover Class
  • Wildlife Action Plan Map
  • Resilient and Connected Landscapes
  • Map Features with photography